Outer Banks Epicurean Slow Food Weddings

Amy Huggins Gaw

Naturally curious, Outer Banks Epicurean Amy Huggins Gaw is an educator, an entrepreneur, a feeder and a collector of local food lore who loves to help others find their foodjoy.

Amy teaches that eating is a lifestyle choice and in her classes and at her demonstrations she shares her enthusiasm for healthy foods, ingredient exploration, flavor profile combinations and artful meal presentations. Epicurean menus are based on the Slow Food philosophy. Ingredients are valued and are pesticide free, locally sourced and organic, whenever possible.

Originally from Jackson, Michigan, Amy has lived, worked and shopped for groceries on the Outer Banks since 1986. In addition to life in the kitchen, she holds a BA in Communications, is a graphic artist, stylist, creative director and a frequent contributor to local media. Her foodnews, printed word, column, The Salt Shaker is featured in the OBXCoast, published by Virginian-Pilot and she is the food writer for Outer Banks Magazine.

She is the founder and owner of Outer Banks Epicurean, Inc. a culinary adventure business she began in 2005 that currently offers wedding food, cooking lessons, team building experiences and private chef services. She and her husband John Gaw also own and operate an artisan, hand-harvested sea salt business called Outer Banks SeaSalt, which they began in 2009.

Amy and her team make several appearances annually at regional and local festivals, farmers markets, garden clubs and food workshops and are available for events and chef services. Contact Amy


Watch Amy cook on a local tv morning program. {click here}

PORTSMOUTH, Va. (WVBT) – Outer Banks Epicurean’s Chef Amy Huggins made Fire-kissed Collards, Sweet Potato Surprise and Sauteed Local Catch with Green Onion-Garlic Butter. She also talked about the Outer Banks Taste of the Beach, a local food event.